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‘710’ Became a Hashish Holiday for the Cannabis Industry

smoking cannabis dab

Cannabis lovers have a new reason to celebrate on July 10th, as the industry promotes the date as a “hashish holiday” for fans of cannabis concentrates. The unofficial holiday, known as “710” or “Oil Day”, is a tribute to the various forms of cannabis oils, waxes, resins, and dabs that can be consumed by vaping or heating.

The origin of the term “710” comes from the fact that, when turned upside down, it spells “OIL”, a common name for cannabis extracts. The first 710 celebrations were held in 2012, with a 7/10 Cup event that showcased different types of cannabis oils and extracts. Since then, the popularity of cannabis concentrates has grown, especially in states that have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational use.

Cannabis concentrates are products that have been processed to extract the cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, from the plant material. They can have higher potency and purity than dried flowers, and can offer faster and stronger effects for users. Some medical marijuana patients prefer cannabis concentrates for their rapid relief of symptoms.

However, not everyone is comfortable with cannabis concentrates, as they can be seen as intimidating or dangerous. The process of making cannabis oils and extracts can involve flammable solvents, such as butane, which can pose a risk of explosion or contamination. The method of consuming cannabis concentrates, known as dabbing, can also involve a blowtorch and a high-temperature surface, which can look scary or harmful.

Fortunately, the cannabis industry has been improving the safety and quality of cannabis concentrates, with better regulations and standards. There are also more options for users who want to try cannabis concentrates, such as solventless extracts, such as rosin, or vaporizers that do not require a torch. With more education and awareness, the stigma around cannabis concentrates can be reduced.

If you are a fan of cannabis concentrates, happy Oil Day! Enjoy your dabs! If you are not into them, that’s okay! Happy Dab Day anyway! Whatever you do, be safe and have fun!


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