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The 5 best THC Edibles in 2023

THC edibles

THC-infused consumables have witnessed a surge in popularity, captivating the masses with an array of fresh and exhilarating offerings presented by manufacturers. Even individuals familiar with past THC edible options find themselves astounded by the diverse assortment available in today's stores.

Whether you possess a seasoned affinity for hemp cannabis or harbor a mere curiosity regarding the plant's multifaceted potential, edibles emerge as a convenient and potent avenue to explore the effects of THC and various other cannabinoids.

What are THC Edibles?

THC edibles are food or drinks infused with THC, offering a "high" and potential wellness benefits. They range from gummies to chocolates, brownies, and more. THC levels determine the effects, while there are also CBD edibles with minimal THC. Popular among hemp cannabis consumers, edibles provide a convenient alternative to smoking or vaping. Whether sweet or savory, there's an edible for everyone!


Among our selection of top-rated hemp cannabis edibles focused on THC, Koi CBD stands out. Like many CBD-oriented brands, Koi CBD has successfully embraced the THC market.

Koi CBD has established itself as a pioneer in the THC arena by introducing premium-quality THC gummies, setting a new standard. Their popularity has rapidly spread nationwide, attracting a large customer base.

Their delta-9 + CBD gummies are exceptional and available in sizable containers, with up to 60 full-strength gummies, offering cost savings through regular subscriptions.

Koi CBD prioritizes hemp and ensures that all their offerings are potent, pure, and free from any chemical aftertaste. Additionally, their products undergo rigorous third-party lab testing, providing transparency and quality assurance.

2. CBDfx

CBDfx has established itself as a beloved brand in the CBD-hemp cannabis sector. Although their previous edible offerings were of excellent quality but somewhat ordinary, CBDfx has recently embarked on a remarkable journey of innovation. They have delved into creating new recipes and blends that incorporate a diverse range of viable cannabinoids.

One noteworthy outcome of these endeavors is the introduction of their Magic Melon Delta-9 THC gummies infused with CBD. These gummies have become one of their most impressive offerings, capturing the essence of their new and exciting direction.

3. Diet Smoke

Diet Smoke emerged as a brand poised to capitalize on the booming market for hemp cannabis edibles and the subsequent surge in demand for cookies and candies following the legalization of hemp cannabis products in the US. However, unlike transient brands seeking quick profits that eventually faded away, Diet Smoke set out with a commitment to doing things the right way, resulting in a remarkable lineup of THC edibles.

When it comes to exploring a variety of edible cannabis products or seeking a high-quality alternative to other leading brands, Diet Smoke stands out as the ultimate choice.

Their edibles are meticulously crafted through a "scientifically formulated" approach, ensuring that Diet Smoke is highly selective in the hemp used and maintains stringent testing and quality control throughout the entire production process.

4. Delta Remedys

Undoubtedly, when discussing THC gummies, the timeless delta-9 THC that resonates with the Gen-X generation remains a cherished choice among consumers.

Delta-9 THC is renowned for delivering a combination of effects, including heightened appetite and sensory perception, altered states of consciousness, and an overall sense of relaxation. These characteristics make it an ideal option for creative individuals seeking to unlock their imagination, elevate happiness, and alleviate anxious feelings.

Given the abundance of delta-9 THC products available, particularly in the realm of hemp cannabis edibles, determining the absolute "best" options can be quite challenging. However, after extensive exploration and thorough deliberation, we have reached a consensus, declaring Delta Remedys as the winner of the esteemed title for the finest delta-9 THC gummies.

5. Otter Space

One of the leading THC edible currently on the market is undoubtedly the Sour Blueberry variant of delta-9 gummies offered by Otter Space. These delta-9 THC edibles not only possess remarkable potency but also boast delicious flavors, supported by the exceptional customer service and brand quality control that Otter Space has become renowned for.

What sets these THC edibles apart from many others in the hemp cannabis edibles market is that they are not merely ordinary candies infused with THC isolate. Instead, these gummies are infused with a rich blend of terpenes and cannabinoids that contribute to the distinctive effects and flavors associated with THC. There is no diluted THC isolate here—these are robust gummies derived from naturally and meticulously cultivated hemp.

Whether you are a newcomer to THC edibles or an experienced consumer seeking a new, potent, and delectable option, Otter Space should be at the very top of your list. As we proceed through this compilation, you will come to appreciate the significance of getting the fundamentals right when it comes to creating a robust and enjoyable gummy. Currently, Otter Space excels in every aspect of delivering a top-notch experience.


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