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Walmart Warehouse Turned into Illegal Drug Hub

Walmart drug hub in Tennessee

Law enforcement agencies in west Tennessee have dismantled a massive illegal drug operation at a building formerly occupied by Walmart. Nine agencies, including the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, A.T.F., and the United States Postal Inspector, joined forces in the investigation.

The operation came to light when a 35-pound shipment of psilocybin edibles was discovered, leading to the execution of search warrants at the warehouse building in Humboldt, Tennessee. The investigation involved over 25 law enforcement officers from multiple agencies.

Four suspects were arrested in connection with the drug trafficking operation, with officers seizing various drugs such as psilocybin, cannabis, and steroids, along with weapons, cash, forged driver's license cards, and drug paraphernalia.

"This seizure is the biggest in the 28th Judicial District and arguably West Tennessee," said Drug Task Force Director Johnie Carter. The evidence suggests a complex operation involving multiple identities.

The suspects face charges including possession with intent to sell/deliver and/or manufacturing of controlled substances, possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony, identity theft trafficking, maintaining a drug location, and felony drug paraphernalia.

District Attorney General Frederick Agee commended the investigative work and stated that the case remains ongoing, involving both local and federal agencies. Their goal is to seek accountability and justice in every prosecution.


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