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Amazon-Like Cannabis online Delivery Hits New York Market

Canterra Amazon Cannabis Online Delivery

Buffalo, N.Y. - In a move that mirrors the ease of ordering a pizza for delivery, Western New Yorkers are about to gain a new level of convenience. Canterra, an e-commerce cannabis platform and delivery service, is poised to launch, allowing residents to effortlessly order cannabis for delivery from the comfort of their homes.

Matt Krupp, Co-Founder of Canterra, likens the platform to an Amazon-like experience, where customers can browse and filter options based on preferences. An added touch is an AI tool that ensures personalized recommendations, replicating the face-to-face interaction found in physical stores.

But Canterra doesn't stop at just the virtual experience. It introduces a same-day delivery model akin to UberEats, ensuring that orders placed online can arrive at your doorstep within four hours.

"We're going to pack it up, and we're going to drive it to you, and when he gets there, then you have a face-to-face," Krupp explained.

The ambition of Canterra is expansive. It aims to educate and serve all nine Western New York counties, creating connections between cultivators and their communities from Buffalo to Rochester.

For cultivators, the emergence of this e-commerce platform comes as a lifeline. With an initial foray into Western New York's cannabis industry two years ago, licensing delays had restricted his ability to distribute the majority of his products. The new platform provides cultivators an additional distributor, enabling them to bring their products to a wider market.

The Canterra platform is set to launch on Monday, opening its doors to orders. While the first round of deliveries will commence on Friday, the debut heralds a transformative moment in Western New York's cannabis landscape, offering seamless access and redefining the retail experience.


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