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Kevin Durant Successfully Ends NBA's Marijuana Ban

Kevin Durant NBA Cannabis Ban

Under the NBA's latest collective bargaining agreement, cannabis is no longer considered a prohibited substance. The league had temporarily suspended marijuana testing during the bubble, and now, both team owners and players have reached an agreement to eliminate cannabis testing permanently.

Credit for this change can be attributed to Kevin Durant, as he played a crucial role in the development. A conversation between Durant and NBA commissioner Adam Silver resulted in the removal of cannabis from the banned substances list. Durant recounted this encounter during a recent CNBC conference, where he shared insights through his media company, The Boardroom.

“He smelled it on me, so I didn’t have to say much,” Durant said when asked how he convinced Silver to end the league’s marijuana ban. “It’s the NBA. Everybody does it, to be honest.”

In the interview, Kevin Durant openly expressed his fondness for cannabis, signifying a step forward in promoting acceptance and understanding. Over the past few years, Durant has actively supported the use of cannabis among athletes. Notably, in 2021, he made an investment in WeedMaps, a platform connecting buyers to dispensaries.

Durant's current team, the Phoenix Suns, represents Arizona, where recreational cannabis use is legal. Additionally, recreational marijuana is legal in 23 other states, although it remains illegal at the federal level.

Considering the progress made by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in removing cannabis from the league's banned substance list, it prompts the idea that it's time for President Joe Biden to federally legalize cannabis. Such a decision could be considered an easy victory. It's even suggested that KD should have a conversation with the President as soon as possible to discuss this matter.


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