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  • JustCBD: Beyond CBD - A Comprehensive Review

    Summary | Product Lineup | Products Overview | Final Thoughts If you've ever heard of JustCBD, it's probably because of their delectable CBD gummies that have gained worldwide acclaim. However, a closer look at their website reveals that this brand has much Let's dive into the myriad of products and blends JustCBD has to offer to cater to various needs. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of trying several of them, and in this comprehensive JustCBD review, I'll share my honest thoughts, both the positive and the negative, about this brand and its extensive product lineup. Learn more at: JustCBD Review Summary For those who consider themselves candy connoisseurs or favor gummies as their CBD or THC consumption method of choice, JustCBD is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. While they excel in offering the broadest range of gummy flavors on the market, JustCBD goes beyond gummies, boasting a diverse selection of high-quality CBD products, all rigorously tested for safety and remarkably affordable. What I liked Extracts sourced from organic, US-grown hemp Impressive product variety Competitive pricing Widest and most delightful range of gummy flavors Exceptional relief gels Comprehensive product testing (for potency and purity) GMP certified Medically-reviewed products Nearly 100,000 five-star customer reviews 30-day money-back guarantee Responsive and friendly customer service team Availability in the UK and Europe What I didn’t like Gummies and capsules not suitable for vegans Gummies contain artificial colors and flavors Learn more at: JustCBD: The Product Lineup When I say that JustCBD boasts an extensive product range, I truly mean it. Among the myriad of products they offer, you'll find: CBD tinctures, oils, and capsules CBD vape pens, cartridges, and vape juice CBD, Delta 9 THC, and Delta 8 THC gummies (including sugar-free options) CBD skincare (body lotion, creams, and bath bombs) CBD topical products (creams, gels, and roll-ons) CBD for pets This comprehensive selection is a boon for shoppers like me, as it allows you to find everything you need in one place. Having had the opportunity to sample many of their products. Products Overview JustCBD Gummies What I Liked: It's impossible to discuss JustCBD without singing praises for their gummies, and I wouldn't want to miss out on the chance to do so. JustCBD shines in the realm of gummies with an astounding array of flavors that will leave you spoiled for choice (think sour cherries, peach rings, rainbow ribbons, clear bears, sour bears, clear worms, sour worms, apple rings, blue raspberry rings, watermelon rings, and slices). They even offer sugar-free gummy worms, a boon for those watching their sugar intake. However, it's essential to note that none of their gummy options are suitable for vegans. What I Didn't Like: These gummies do contain artificial colors and flavors, a common trait among most candies. While it's a minor drawback, I'm willing to trade my regular candy for these medicinal candies anytime. Learn more at: JustCBD Vape What I Liked: For those seeking a quicker onset of effects compared to gummies, JustCBD offers a wide range of vaping products. Inhaling these products allows CBD to enter your bloodstream rapidly through the countless capillaries in your lungs, resulting in faster effects than gummies. What I Didn't Like: While I prefer their disposable vape pens and carts, they offer a variety of options, including vape juice, vape cartridges, vape batteries, and disposable vape pens. If you have a refillable vaping device, their vape juices offer an economical choice. Learn more at: Just CBD Disposable Vape What I Liked: JustCBD's disposable vapes come in five 2ml options, each containing 1000 mg of CBD per device, and are incredibly budget-friendly at $24.99 per vape. These strain-specific vapes offer enhanced effects due to the synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes. My personal favorite, Pineapple Express, delivers a versatile experience suitable for any time of day. It relaxes muscles, alleviates tension, eases anxiety, and uplifts mood without causing drowsiness or laziness. What I Didn't Like: It's hard to find any significant drawbacks with these vapes, as they offer a great vaping experience. Learn more at: Just CBD Vape Cartridge What I Liked: JustCBD's vape cartridges mirror the strains/flavors of their disposables (Blue Dream, OG Kush, Northern Lights, Pineapple Express, and Sour Diesel) but boast a higher CBD concentration (1000mg of CBD in a 1ml cartridge). This higher potency makes them perfect for those seeking greater symptom relief with fewer puffs. What I Didn't Like: I couldn't find any major issues with these vape cartridges, as they deliver a strong and satisfying vaping experience. Learn more at: JustCBD Ultra Relief CBD Gel What I Liked: JustCBD's Ultra Relief CBD gel is a recent addition to my routine, and it's one of the best pain relief products I've encountered in a while. This gel, available in two strengths, provides rapid relief for various muscular aches and pains. It contains 1,000 mg of CBD per bottle, along with menthol, camphor, rosemary, thyme, and tea tree oils, all known for their potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The gel is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave a greasy residue. What I Didn't Like: The only minor issue I encountered was with the gel's pump, which took a while to dispense the product initially. However, this is a minor inconvenience given the gel's effectiveness. Learn more at: Final Thoughts JustCBD stands out with its impressive variety of gummy flavors, effective products, and top-notch customer service. Despite a heat-related issue, their responsive team resolved it promptly. Boasting nearly 100,000 five-star ratings, JustCBD proves its effectiveness, affordability, and reliability. Whether you fancy CBD or THC gummies, their selection is a delight. The Ultra Relief CBD gel offers stellar pain relief, and their vapes and dog treats excel in quality and effectiveness. I wholeheartedly endorse exploring JustCBD's extensive product range—they've earned a massive thumbs up and a well-deserved reputation as a top-tier CBD brand. Kudos, JustCBD! Learn more at:

  • Penelope's Bloom CBD for pets Review

    Summary | Pros and Cons | About Penelope's Bloom | Final Thoughts If you're in search of a dependable and effective CBD brand to enhance the well-being of your beloved pets, look no further than Penelope’s Bloom. This home-grown US brand is founded on the principles of transparency, quality, and efficacy, ensuring the health, happiness, and comfort of your furry companions. We recently acquired some of their top-selling products and sent them out for independent testing, with the participation of willing pet owners who sought to improve their pets' lives. Learn more at: Penelope’s Bloom Pros and Cons Pros Highly effective CBD products for pets: Testimonials from pet owners overwhelmingly praised the positive effects of Penelope’s Bloom products. Premium-quality, human-grade, organic ingredients: Penelope’s Bloom is committed to sourcing non-GMO, organic ingredients, ensuring the well-being of your pets. Third-party lab tested for potency and purity: Rigorous testing at every production stage guarantees that products are free from unwanted chemicals, heavy metals, and contaminants. Targeted products for mobility, anxiety, and immunity: Penelope’s Bloom offers a diverse range of products tailored to specific pet needs. Affordable prices: Despite their premium quality, Penelope’s Bloom products are surprisingly budget-friendly. Thorough dosage information provided: Precise dosing guidelines are readily available for all products. Transparent business practices: Penelope’s Bloom believes in open communication about their production processes and product testing. Knowledgeable and caring customer service team: Expert assistance is available to address any questions or concerns. Fantastic customer reviews: Numerous five-star reviews attest to the brand's effectiveness. A Company That Gives Back: Penelope’s Bloom is environmentally conscious and supports animal rescue operations. Cons Lab results for purity aren’t posted online: While some lab reports verify CBD potency claims, other test results are not readily available. No CBD cat treats available (only oil and balm): Penelope’s Bloom currently offers limited options for feline friends. Learn more at: About Penelope’s Bloom Like many exceptional CBD brands, Penelope’s Bloom CBD has a heartwarming origin story revolving around a charming French bulldog named Penelope. When Penelope faced a spinal condition as a pup, her owner was determined to find a natural solution for her chronic pain and overall well-being. Introducing Kerstin, Penelope's devoted guardian, to CBD proved to be a turning point. Witnessing CBD's remarkable impact on Penelope's condition, Kerstin recognized the need for high-quality CBD pet products. This led to the creation of Penelope’s Bloom—a brand dedicated to providing pet parents across the USA with access to premium, clean, and affordable CBD products for their furry friends. Learn more at: Final Thoughts In conclusion, we were deeply impressed by the quality, effectiveness, and affordability of Penelope’s Bloom. As pet owners, you want the best for your furry companions, and Penelope’s Bloom delivers exceptional products without breaking the bank. If you're considering CBD for your pet or are already using another brand, we highly recommend giving Penelope’s Bloom a try. Their satisfaction guarantee means you can test their products risk-free. Your pets deserve the best, and Penelope’s Bloom provides precisely that. Learn more at:

  • Germany Approves Plan to Legalize Cannabis Use for Adults

    Germany has taken a significant step towards legalizing certain forms of recreational marijuana use. The German government's recent approval of a plan has paved the way for adults to legally purchase and possess limited quantities of cannabis. This move could potentially position Germany as a pioneer among major European nations, as it contemplates allowing recreational cannabis use. Under the proposed legislation, adults would be granted the right to buy and carry up to 25 grams of recreational cannabis for personal consumption. However, it's important to note that this legislative change is pending approval from the nation's Parliament. The nod of approval from the cabinet of the three-party coalition is a momentous achievement, signifying progress towards the realization of legalized marijuana. Karl Lauterbach, Germany's Health Minister, emphasized the significance of this legislation, stating that it signifies a shift in drug policy and introduces a concept of controlled legalization. He believes that this new approach has the potential to bring about lasting changes in drug consumption patterns and policies. Interestingly, Germany's existing laws allow for the consumption of cannabis, but buying it remains illegal. The proposed legislation represents a moderated version of the original proposal put forth by Chancellor Olaf Scholz's government. Initially, the plan aimed at commercial distribution of cannabis, but it faced opposition from the European Commission. As per the legislation, the distribution of cannabis would be managed by licensed private cultivation associations with a maximum membership of 500 individuals. Buyers would be permitted to purchase up to 25 grams in a single day, with a monthly limit of 50 grams. Additionally, plans are underway to launch regional pilot programs that would involve the sale of cannabis through licensed specialty shops. These programs aim to gather valuable insights into the potential effects of commercial cannabis trade. While the legislation has garnered support, it has also faced criticism from various quarters. Some argue that it's too stringent, while others believe it's too permissive. Germany's opposition bloc has expressed concerns about potential risks to minors, while proponents of the law argue that the existing drug policy's limitations necessitate a new approach that could curb the black market. While countries like Malta have shown interest in marijuana legalization within the European Union, Germany's move holds particular significance due to its stature in the region. If successful, this legislation could set a precedent for other European nations considering similar measures. In conclusion, Germany's steps towards legalizing recreational marijuana use mark a significant shift in drug policy and societal attitudes. While there are both proponents and critics of the proposed legislation, its potential to reshape the drug landscape and address the limitations of the existing policy cannot be overlooked. As Germany awaits the final decision from its Parliament, the nation and the world watch closely to see if this move will indeed make Germany a trailblazer in European drug policy reform.

  • Research Reveals Decrease in High School Cannabis Use within States with Regulated Markets

    As summer fades and the new school year begins, parents face more than just books and classrooms. Online interactions, COVID-19 recovery, and rising youth depression weigh heavily. Among these concerns, teen cannabis use is a pressing worry. The situation is complex due to varying state cannabis laws. Surprisingly, recent surveys bring good news. In states with regulated cannabis markets, high school cannabis use has either stayed the same or even decreased. This unexpected trend highlights the potential benefits of responsible regulation. Yet, despite this progress, teen cannabis use still exceeds other substances. This leads us to a vital need: a unified federal approach to cannabis policy. The current mix of state-level permissions and federal prohibition creates confusion and doesn't effectively safeguard minors. A sensible federal framework, backed by science, is crucial. It would empower local communities with resources for educating youth, preventing misuse, and fighting the illegal market. The federal government's inaction also affects schools. Research barriers hinder comprehensive cannabis education, limiting programs to simplistic slogans. Education must include substance knowledge, packaging awareness, and avoiding the illegal market. After-school programs can help too. They cater to marginalized youth and teach essential life skills, reducing risky behaviors including substance abuse. The federal government can do more, like setting packaging standards and regulating the market to keep products safe and away from minors. Congress has an opportunity. Learning from states, they can establish a nationwide framework for preventing teen cannabis use. This would allow customization while ensuring effective protection and education. As the new school year starts, teen cannabis use demands a united federal response. Science-driven and community-oriented, this approach aims to guide youth away from harmful paths. It's a challenge that calls for comprehensive action, securing a brighter future for all.

  • Medical Cannabis vs. Recreational Marijuana: Is There a True Difference?

    With the evolving legal landscape of cannabis in the United States, it's natural to question the distinctions between medical and recreational usage. Let's delve into the details. The primary variance between medical and recreational cannabis lies in the levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Recreational marijuana often contains higher levels of THC, responsible for the "high" feeling. Medical cannabis, on the other hand, features higher CBD levels, offering therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects. Legal disparities exist between medical and recreational marijuana. While recreational use faces restrictions, medical cannabis is gaining wider acceptance due to its proven health benefits. The legal status of medical cannabis makes it more accessible to users. Access to medical cannabis has improved significantly due to changing regulations. Additionally, medical-grade cannabis undergoes stricter quality control, ensuring safety for patients. Recreational cannabis, however, faces more legal hurdles and can have varied quality. Medical cannabis offers versatile advantages, catering to a wide range of health conditions. Recreational cannabis is more limited in its use, often enjoyed for social and personal satisfaction. Purchasing experiences differ between medical and recreational cannabis. Medical buyers require identification and a cannabis card, with focused assistance available at clinics. Recreational stores may lack medical advice. Medical users enjoy unique benefits such as lower prices, tax breaks, and legal access for minors with chronic illnesses. Medical cannabis holds advantages not accessible to recreational consumers. In conclusion, understanding the differences between medical and recreational cannabis is crucial for making informed choices based on your needs and preferences. If you seek to explore the benefits of medical marijuana, consult reputable sources and Cannabis Clinic to ensure a safe and responsible approach to usage.

  • Apollo THC Products Review

    Summary | About Apollo | Products Overview | Final Thoughts Apollo THC's premium cannabis products offer unparalleled quality and transparency. Their all-natural THC and USA-grown extracts, crafted by experts, reflect their commitment to excellence. With rigorous safety measures, fair pricing, and compliance, Apollo ensures a trusted journey into the world of premium cannabis products, delivering an impressive and transformative experience. We hope that this Apollo THC Review will help you choose the right product for you. Learn more at: Apollo Quality and Potency Products D9 CBD + THC Gummies D8 THC Vape D8 THC Gummies D8 THC Vape D8 THC Cartridge 1G HHC Vape 1G What I liked Product Variety: Apollo offers a wide range of THC and HHC products, including Delta 8, Delta 10, and HHC vapes, each available in unique flavors. Natural Terpenes: All products are infused with natural terpenes like Tangie Dream, White Cherry Gelato, Rainbow Sherbert, and Strawberry Lemonade, enhancing flavor and experience. High Potency: Each vape contains 1000mg of the respective THC or HHC, ensuring a potent and satisfying experience. Pure Ingredients: Apollo prioritizes quality, using pure Delta 8, Delta 10, or HHC along with natural terpenes. There are no additives or cutting agents used in their vapes. Top-Grade Cartridges: The use of high-grade CCELL ceramic cartridges ensures a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience, preventing clogs and ensuring optimal performance. Immediate Effects: Vaping Delta 8, Delta 10, or HHC provides rapid absorption and quick effects, making it a convenient choice for immediate relaxation. Flavor Options: The variety of flavors, such as Rainbow Sherbert, Tangie Dream, White Cherry Gelato, and Strawberry Lemonade, allows for personal preference and experimentation. What I didn’t like Limited Duration: The effects of vaping Delta 8, Delta 10, or HHC might not last as long as other consumption methods, which could be a drawback for those seeking prolonged effects. Age Restriction: The products are only available for individuals aged 21 and above, limiting access for younger users. Possible Drug Test Failure: Vaping Delta 8, Delta 10, or HHC could result in a positive drug test due to the presence of THC compounds. Users should be cautious if subject to drug testing. Subscription Commitment: While the Subscribe and Save option offers cost savings, users who opt for it commit to regular deliveries, which might not be suitable for everyone's preferences. Variability of Effects: The rapid absorption of THC and HHC might lead to varying effects, making it important for users to start with lower doses and understand their individual tolerance levels. Learn more at: About Apollo THC In Apollo THC's universe, premium cannabis products await to redefine your experience. With an array spanning delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, delta 10 THC, and HHC, choices abound for tailored preferences. While flavors are vibrant, they may not match certain brands, and hits could be slightly harsh. Transparency is paramount, with third-party lab-test results and triple-testing, though COAs lack purity specifics. As industry norms evolve, we're committed to safety. Join us in this cosmic journey into premium cannabis. Products Overview D9 CBD + THC Gummies The D9 CBD+THC Gummies by Apollo offer a flavorful and convenient way to experience the benefits of Delta 9 THC. Each gummy contains 10mg of pure Delta 9 extract and is made from natural, vegan ingredients. Apollo ensures high quality by producing the gummies in a GMP facility and testing them throughout the supply chain. These gummies are a promising option for those seeking an enjoyable and controlled Delta 9 THC consumption. They are available for $39.99 for a one-time purchase or $27.99 with the Subscribe and Save option. Learn more at: D8 THC Vape Apollo's D8 THC Vape offers a convenient and flavorful way to enjoy the benefits of Delta 8 THC. Infused with natural terpenes like Tangie Dream, White Cherry Gelato, Rainbow Sherbert, and Strawberry Lemonade, these Delta 8 vapes stand out for their purity and taste. Each vape contains 1000mg of Delta 8, ensuring a potent experience. Apollo combines premium Delta 8 with natural terpenes, delivering exceptional flavor in their vape cartridges and disposables. These vapes utilize high-grade CCELL ceramic cartridges for an optimal vaping experience. Unlike low-quality alternatives, they contain pure Delta 8 and natural terpenes, free from additives. Available for $39.99 one-time purchase or $27.99 with Subscribe and Save. Vaping Delta 8 provides quick effects due to rapid absorption, though the duration may vary from other methods. Choose from Rainbow Sherbet, Tangie Dream, White Cherry Gelato, and Strawberry Lemonade flavors. Learn more at: D8 THC Gummies The D8 THC Gummies by Apollo offer a flavorful and convenient way to experience the benefits of Delta 8 THC. Each gummy contains 25mg of pure Delta 8 extract and is made from natural, vegan ingredients. Apollo ensures high quality by producing the gummies in a GMP facility and testing them throughout the supply chain. These gummies are a promising option for those seeking an enjoyable and controlled Delta 8 THC consumption. They are available for $39.99 for a one-time purchase or $27.99 with the Subscribe and Save option. Learn more at: D8 THC Cartridge 1G Apollo's D8 THC Cartridge 1G is an effortless, delightful route to savoring the benefits of Delta 8 THC. Bursting with natural terpenes like Tangie Dream, White Cherry Gelato, Rainbow Sherbert, and Strawberry Lemonade, these Delta 8 cartridges exemplify purity and flavor. With 1000mg of Delta 8 in each cartridge, the experience is undeniably potent. Apollo combines top-tier Delta 8 with natural terpenes, culminating in an exquisite taste profile for their vape cartridges. Employing top-notch CCELL ceramic cartridges, these vapes guarantee an optimal vaping adventure. Unlike subpar alternatives, they solely contain pure Delta 8 and natural terpenes, void of additives. Yours for $34.99 as a one-time purchase or $24.49 via Subscribe and Save. Rapid absorption ensures swift effects from vaping Delta 8, though its duration may differ from other methods. Choose from flavors like Rainbow Sherbet, Tangie Dream, White Cherry Gelato, and Strawberry Lemonade. Learn more at: D10 THC Vape 1G Apollo's D10 THC Vape 1G offers an effortless and enjoyable way to embrace the benefits of Delta 10 THC. Infused with natural terpenes like Tangie Dream, White Cherry Gelato, Rainbow Sherbert, and Strawberry Lemonade, these Delta 10 vapes exemplify purity and flavor. With 1000mg of Delta 10 in each vape, the experience is undeniably potent. Apollo combines premium Delta 10 with natural terpenes, resulting in an exceptional taste profile for their vape cartridges. Using high-grade CCELL ceramic cartridges, these vapes ensure an optimal vaping experience. Unlike subpar alternatives, they solely contain pure Delta 10 and natural terpenes, free from additives. Yours for $34.99 as a one-time purchase or $24.49 via Subscribe and Save. Rapid absorption guarantees swift effects from vaping Delta 10, though its duration may differ from other methods. Choose from flavors like Tangie Dream, White Cherry Gelato, Rainbow Sherbert, and Strawberry Lemonade. Learn more at: HHC Vape 1G Apollo's HHC Vape 1G offers an effortless and delightful route to indulging in the benefits of HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol). Infused with natural terpenes like Tangie Dream, White Cherry Gelato, Rainbow Sherbert, and Strawberry Lemonade, these HHC vapes exemplify purity and flavor. With 1000mg of HHC in each vape, the experience is undeniably potent. Apollo combines top-tier HHC with natural terpenes, culminating in an exquisite taste profile for their vape cartridges. Using high-grade CCELL ceramic cartridges, these vapes ensure an optimal vaping adventure. Unlike subpar alternatives, they solely contain pure HHC and natural terpenes, void of additives. Yours for $44.99 as a one-time purchase or $31.49 via Subscribe and Save. Swift effects from vaping HHC are a given due to rapid absorption, though its duration may differ from other methods. Select from flavors like Tangie Dream, White Cherry Gelato, Rainbow Sherbert, and Strawberry Lemonade. Learn more at: Final Thoughts In conclusion, Apollo's range of THC and HHC products presents a diverse selection for those seeking a flavorful and convenient way to experience the benefits of these compounds. With a focus on natural terpenes, high potency, and pure ingredients, Apollo delivers a premium vaping experience that caters to individual preferences. The use of top-grade cartridges ensures a smooth and efficient vaping journey, while the immediate effects of Delta 8, Delta 10, and HHC provide quick relaxation. While the shorter duration of effects and age restrictions are factors to consider, the variety of flavors and quality of the products make Apollo a noteworthy choice for those looking to explore the world of THC and HHC vaping. Learn more at:

  • Cannabis Company Tilray Acquires 8 Anheuser-Busch Beverage Brands for $85 Million

    Canadian cannabis producer Tilray Brands is making a significant move to diversify its portfolio by acquiring eight beverage brands from Anheuser-Busch. The deal, valued at $85 million in cash, will see Tilray taking ownership of brands such as Blue Point Brewing, Breckenridge Brewery, and Shock Top. This acquisition adds to Tilray's existing presence in the craft brewing industry and solidifies its position as a key player. The purchase includes not only the brands but also encompasses current employees, breweries, and brewpubs associated with these labels. The transaction is anticipated to be finalized by the end of September, subject to regulatory approvals. Tilray's expansion into the beverage sector underscores its strategic approach to broaden its offerings and strengthen its market position. After the acquisition, Tilray's beer sales volume is expected to experience a substantial boost, potentially tripling its output. As a result, the company is poised to become a prominent player in the U.S. craft brewing market, ranking among the top craft brewers. Bart Watson, Chief Economist at the Brewers Association, indicates that Tilray might even secure the fourth spot on the list. “Upon federal cannabis legalization,” Simon said, “we expect to leverage our leadership position, wide distribution network and portfolio of beloved beverage and wellness brands to include THC-based products and maximize all commercial opportunities.” Tilray's CEO, Irwin Simon, highlighted the significance of this acquisition, stating that it not only enhances the company's national leadership but also marks a significant step forward in its diversification strategy. Simon also revealed that Tilray has an eye on the THC beverage market in the U.S., aiming to leverage its market position, distribution network, and brand portfolio to explore opportunities in this emerging sector. The acquisition is a strategic move by Tilray to establish a stronger foothold in both the alcohol and potential THC beverage markets, setting the stage for future growth and expansion.

  • Amazon-Like Cannabis online Delivery Hits New York Market

    Buffalo, N.Y. - In a move that mirrors the ease of ordering a pizza for delivery, Western New Yorkers are about to gain a new level of convenience. Canterra, an e-commerce cannabis platform and delivery service, is poised to launch, allowing residents to effortlessly order cannabis for delivery from the comfort of their homes. Matt Krupp, Co-Founder of Canterra, likens the platform to an Amazon-like experience, where customers can browse and filter options based on preferences. An added touch is an AI tool that ensures personalized recommendations, replicating the face-to-face interaction found in physical stores. But Canterra doesn't stop at just the virtual experience. It introduces a same-day delivery model akin to UberEats, ensuring that orders placed online can arrive at your doorstep within four hours. "We're going to pack it up, and we're going to drive it to you, and when he gets there, then you have a face-to-face," Krupp explained. The ambition of Canterra is expansive. It aims to educate and serve all nine Western New York counties, creating connections between cultivators and their communities from Buffalo to Rochester. For cultivators, the emergence of this e-commerce platform comes as a lifeline. With an initial foray into Western New York's cannabis industry two years ago, licensing delays had restricted his ability to distribute the majority of his products. The new platform provides cultivators an additional distributor, enabling them to bring their products to a wider market. The Canterra platform is set to launch on Monday, opening its doors to orders. While the first round of deliveries will commence on Friday, the debut heralds a transformative moment in Western New York's cannabis landscape, offering seamless access and redefining the retail experience.

  • Medterra CBD Products Review

    Summary | About Medterra | Products Overview | The Medterra Experience Step into Medterra's realm, where CBD enthusiasts provide top-notch products at affordable prices. Beyond a brand, they're a committed family with the goal of delivering uncompromising CBD excellence. Through meticulous cultivation, extraction, and rigorous third-party testing, they offer an authentic seed-to-sale journey, proudly partnered with the Hemp Pilot Research Program to bring quality CBD worldwide. Whether easing discomfort or improving sleep, Medterra CBD's natural approach is worth exploring. Learn more at: Medterra Quality, Potency, and Holistic Wellness Summary About: Medterra CBD, an industry trailblazer, blends premium natural ingredients with cutting-edge science to elevate well-being. Products: Medterra offers potent CBD solutions, from Pain Relief Cream to Deep Sleep CBD Gummies and Calming Pet Chews. The Medterra Experience: Beyond product quality, Medterra provides safe, effective wellness solutions that seamlessly integrate into daily routines. What I liked Effective Pain Relief: Medterra's Pain Cream (1000mg) provided noticeable and satisfactory relief from various types of discomfort. Quality Sleep: The Deep Sleep CBD + THC formula significantly improved sleep quality for those struggling with insomnia. Pet Calming: Calming Pet Chews proved successful in soothing pet anxiety during thunderstorms and kennel boarding. Variety of Products: Medterra's product range, including Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, Full Spectrum Gummies, and Calming Pet Chews, offers diverse choices for various needs. What I didn’t like Delayed Impact: There was a slight delay in the onset of effects with the Full Spectrum Gummies, which may not suit those seeking immediate results. Subscription Process: While appreciated by many, the setup of automatic shipping for monthly subscriptions could be perceived as a bit cumbersome. Learn more at: About Medterra Medterra CBD is an industry trailblazer dedicated to elevating your well-being. Since their inception, they have remained committed to creating CBD solutions that make a real difference. With an unwavering focus on quality, transparency, and innovation, their products are a testament to their dedication. Through a meticulous process, they blend premium natural ingredients with cutting-edge science to address your unique wellness goals. Product Reviews Medterra's Pain Relief Cream combines potent Arnica, Menthol, and CBD with botanical ingredients for effective relief from arthritis, joint pain, and muscle soreness. With OTC certification for quality and an award-winning reputation, this cream offers tailored relief in 500mg and 1000mg strengths. Regular use brings meaningful results. Experience the power of Medterra's Pain Relief Cream for just $39.99 and enjoy daily soothing relief. Learn more at: Medterra's True Full Spectrum™ Deep Sleep CBD Gummies. These gummies combine hemp's full range, including THC, for better sleep. With 2mg of THC and a 5:1 CBD-to-cannabinoid ratio, these vegan gummies aid sleep in a delicious way. Each gummy has 25mg CBD, 3mg melatonin, mixed berry flavor. Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer. Choose 30/60-count, $41.99 (was $59.99), for a revitalized nightly routine. Learn more at: Medterra's CBD Calming Pet Chews. Crafted with botanicals and L-Tryptophan, each chew contains 10mg of CBD to promote relaxation. Designed for ease, these chews are ideal for calming anxiety during fireworks, car rides, or plane trips. Let your pet enjoy the ride with these bacon-flavored treats. Priced at $20.99 (was $29.99), provide comfort to your pet's daily routine. Learn more at: The Medterra Experience Beyond product quality, Medterra offers an encompassing wellness experience. As a partner on your journey to better health, Medterra provides safe and effective solutions designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. From relieving discomfort to enhancing sleep quality and calming pets' anxieties, Medterra's products cater to a variety of wellness goals. With a foundation in science and a passion for quality, Medterra ensures their products address your unique needs. The Medterra experience transcends the transaction, embodying a commitment to your well-being, a pledge to transparency, and a genuine partnership for a healthier, more fulfilling life. Final Thoughts In the CBD wellness landscape, Medterra shines as a trailblazer, embodying quality, efficacy, and customer-centricity. Their targeted product range has earned acclaim for effective pain relief, promoting restful sleep, and easing pet anxieties. While a subset of customers noted minor delays in product onset and subscription considerations, the prevailing sentiment remains positive, reinforcing the transformative potential of Medterra's CBD offerings. With an unwavering commitment to improvement, Medterra empowers your wellness journey with the best of nature and science. Choose Medterra for a quality-driven path to well-being, where transparency and dedication to your holistic health guide each step. Learn more at:

  • Bill Gates's new Podcast Explores Alzheimer's and Cannabis with Seth Rogen & Lauren Miller

    In the latest episode of Bill Gates's thought-provoking podcast "Unconfuse Me," renowned actor and comedian Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller, delve into an insightful discussion about Alzheimer's awareness, brain health, and their intriguing experiences with cannabis. The couple, founders of Hilarity for Charity, a platform that employs humor to raise funds for Alzheimer's research and support, shared their journey and insights into the therapeutic potential of cannabis for brain health. Alzheimer's disease, a neurodegenerative condition affecting millions worldwide, is often stigmatized and rarely discussed due to the fear and discomfort surrounding the topic. Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller, who both experienced personal losses to Alzheimer's, recognized this barrier and sought to change the narrative through their organization, Hilarity for Charity. During the podcast episode, Seth Rogen remarked, "Alzheimer's and comedy aren't the most obvious combination, so therefore it was like, well we want people to have fun and we want them to give us their money, but also it's about Alzheimer's." Hilarity for Charity's mission is twofold: to support families and caregivers of Alzheimer's patients and to foster research on the disease. By creating a safe space for people to laugh about their experiences with Alzheimer's, they aim to break the stigma and encourage open conversations. The couple also addressed the vital role of professional caregiving in Alzheimer's patients' lives. Lauren Miller shared how hiring a caregiver "made everything easier" for her family. Seth Rogen emphasized that professional caregiving "saved her father's life," as it allowed him to prioritize his health while caring for his spouse with Alzheimer's. The couple passionately expressed their belief that caregiving should be a societal responsibility rather than a personal one. As the demands of caregiving can take a toll on the caretaker's health, this societal approach could lead to better outcomes for both patients and caregivers. A particularly intriguing aspect of the conversation revolved around Seth Rogen's openness about cannabis use and its potential impact on brain health. Seth Rogen owns a marijuana-inspired home goods company called Houseplant and is vocal about his personal experience with cannabis. "The impression of every stoner was that they're like a lazy loser, and I was anything but a lazy loser," Rogen shared. He emphasized that he was building a prolific career while using cannabis regularly. Both Rogen and Miller are open with their doctors about their cannabis habits, and no medical professional has warned them about adverse effects on brain health. Though more research is needed to fully understand the relationship between cannabis and brain health, Rogen and Miller believe that its potential benefits, such as boosting appetite and relieving stress, could have a role in preventing Alzheimer's. However, the lack of federal legalization hinders research funding in this area. The couple has also taken on the role of educators, teaching high school and college students alongside neurologists about ways to preserve brain health. Their "coursework" focuses on five brain-healthy habits: sleep, exercise, nutrition, mental fitness, and emotional well-being. These habits offer valuable insights into proactive approaches individuals can adopt to maintain cognitive wellness. In the enlightening episode of "Unconfuse Me," Bill Gates, Seth Rogen, and Lauren Miller engage in a profound conversation about Alzheimer's, the power of humor in raising awareness, and the importance of professional caregiving. Their candid discussions on cannabis usage highlight the need for further research on its potential therapeutic benefits for brain health. As we await breakthroughs in Alzheimer's research, the insights shared by Rogen and Miller serve as an inspiration to embrace open dialogue, address the stigma surrounding Alzheimer's, and explore various avenues for improving brain health. The couple's dedication to supporting Alzheimer's research through humor and compassion underscores the significance of collective efforts in driving advancements in Alzheimer's care and treatment.

  • Mexican Drug Cartels are Transforming Monster Trucks into Deadly War Machines

    The Mexican drug cartels have escalated vehicle customization to an alarming extent, turning regular trucks into menacing war machines resembling tanks. According to The New York Times, these cartels are retrofitting pickups with fierce modifications, including battering rams and four-inch steel plates, often featuring machine gun-equipped turrets. Among these cartels, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel stands out for their inventive yet criminal approach. This cartel utilizes these modified vehicles in violent clashes with law enforcement, earning a reputation as one of the world's most violent drug trafficking organizations. Their activities primarily involve cocaine and methamphetamine trade. Disturbing reports from The Daily Beast even suggest that they have coerced recruits into engaging in acts of cannibalism. Similar tactics are adopted by other cartels, such as the Gulf Cartel and the Northeast Cartel, which also weaponize Monster trucks for brutal confrontations with rival groups. These vehicles proudly display the cartel's symbols, often camouflaged to confuse with police vehicles. Referred to as "monstruos" (monsters), "rinocerontes" (rhinos), and "narcotanques" (narco-tanks) by Mexican security forces, these trucks are equipped with various weapons, including steel-penetrating sniper rifles and rocket launchers capable of downing military helicopters. This strategic utilization of modified trucks aligns with the cartels' historical expertise in modifying vehicles for drug smuggling operations. Beyond projecting power, these monstrous creations serve practical purposes. However, despite their imposing appearance and weaponry, these modified trucks face challenges. The added weight of steel plates makes them slow and unwieldy, and their extensive modifications often lead to mechanical breakdowns, as highlighted by Alexei Chévez, a security analyst. Adding a modern twist to their notoriety, these monstrous vehicles often make appearances on TikTok as "monstruos," often accompanied by cartel-themed rap songs. While Mexican law enforcement strives to combat this escalating threat, the captivating allure of these deadly and intricately customized trucks on social media poses a significant challenge.

  • Walmart Warehouse Turned into Illegal Drug Hub

    Law enforcement agencies in west Tennessee have dismantled a massive illegal drug operation at a building formerly occupied by Walmart. Nine agencies, including the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, A.T.F., and the United States Postal Inspector, joined forces in the investigation. The operation came to light when a 35-pound shipment of psilocybin edibles was discovered, leading to the execution of search warrants at the warehouse building in Humboldt, Tennessee. The investigation involved over 25 law enforcement officers from multiple agencies. Four suspects were arrested in connection with the drug trafficking operation, with officers seizing various drugs such as psilocybin, cannabis, and steroids, along with weapons, cash, forged driver's license cards, and drug paraphernalia. "This seizure is the biggest in the 28th Judicial District and arguably West Tennessee," said Drug Task Force Director Johnie Carter. The evidence suggests a complex operation involving multiple identities. The suspects face charges including possession with intent to sell/deliver and/or manufacturing of controlled substances, possession of a firearm during a dangerous felony, identity theft trafficking, maintaining a drug location, and felony drug paraphernalia. District Attorney General Frederick Agee commended the investigative work and stated that the case remains ongoing, involving both local and federal agencies. Their goal is to seek accountability and justice in every prosecution.

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