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Gigi Hadid Arrested for Cannabis Possession in Cayman Islands

Gigi Hadid in Cayman Islands

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has addressed the recent incident where she was arrested for cannabis possession while vacationing in the Cayman Islands. She and a friend were arrested at the Owen Roberts International Airport on July 10th after customs officials allegedly found cannabis and related paraphernalia in their luggage. The quantities were small and appeared to be for personal use. After appearing in court on July 12th, both Hadid and her friend were fined $1,000 each and faced no further charges.

In response to the incident, Hadid's representative stated that she had been traveling with marijuana legally purchased in New York City under a medical license. Additionally, medical use of marijuana has been legal in Grand Cayman since 2017. Despite the episode, Hadid enjoyed the rest of her time on the island.

On July 18th, Hadid took to Instagram to subtly address the situation, sharing an album of photos and videos from her vacation with the caption "All's well that ends well." The post showed her relaxing on sun loungers with a friend, smiling at the camera, and displaying colorful jewelry from her purse.

Hadid addressed the situation by posting vacation pics with the caption: "All's well that ends well"

Previously, she had posted other vacation pictures, including one where she posed in a bikini, revealing what appeared to be a dragon tattoo near her thigh, captioned with "Mornin!" and a dragon emoji.

It's worth noting that recreational cannabis consumption is prohibited and illegal in any form in the Cayman Islands. However, the use of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes is permitted, as per the amended misuse of drug laws.


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