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Revisiting the Top 5 Cannabis and Psychedelic Episodes as Futurama Returns on Hulu

Futurama Cannabis legalization

Futurama, the beloved animated series created by Matt Groening, has returned with a new season on Hulu, much to the delight of its dedicated fan base. Known for its futuristic setting, quirky humor, and clever satirical commentary, the show has never shied away from exploring a wide range of topical issues, including drugs and cannabis. As we dive into the latest season, let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit five memorable moments from past episodes where Futurama playfully alluded to drugs and the cannabis culture.

1 Universe 420 and Cannabis Culture — "The Farnsworth Parabox" S5, E10

Futurama 420 universe

In "The Farnsworth Parabox," the Planet Express crew encounters a parallel universe referred to as "Universe 420," a playful nod to the cannabis culture where "420" is associated with marijuana use. In this universe, the crew meets their stoner counterparts, humorously indulging in activities stereotypically linked to marijuana enthusiasts. The episode playfully explores parallel universes while incorporating humor and satire related to cannabis culture. It's one of the episodes in Futurama where drugs, particularly marijuana, are directly referenced, showcasing the show's clever blend of pop culture references and imaginative storytelling.

2 Werecar's 'Oil' Addiction — "The Honking" S2, E18

Bender Oil Addiction in Futurama

In "The Honking," Bender becomes a werecar, a shape-shifting robotic vehicle that becomes homicidal at night. The twist lies in the revelation that the werecar's violent tendencies are triggered when it runs out of "oil." The term "oil" humorously hints at the notion of substance addiction and dependency, cleverly drawing parallels to the effects of psychedelic substances that can induce altered states of consciousness. The episode's exploration of the werecar's 'oil' addiction adds a mind-bending element to the storyline, providing a quirky take on the theme of altered consciousness.

3 Fishy Joe's 'Secret Ingredient' — "The Problem with Popplers" S2, E15

Leila Futurama popplers Addiction

When the Planet Express crew discovers a delectable new snack called "popplers," they find out that these treats are actually the offspring of the Omicronians' species. Fishy Joe, the owner of a fast-food restaurant, is caught adding a "secret ingredient" to the food, humorously implying that it could be drugs or some questionable substance to make the popplers more addictive. This satirical take on the fast-food industry and its use of additives adds another layer of comedic critique to the episode.

4 Bender's Campaign Promise for Hemp Legalization — "A Head in the Polls" S2, E3

Bender Campaign Legalize Hemp in Futurama

In "A Head in the Polls," Bender takes an unexpected plunge into politics and runs for the position of Earth's president. During his campaign, he delivers a memorable speech, promising to lower taxes and notably, to legalize "hemp." This reference to the cannabis plant, particularly industrial hemp, adds a humorous touch to his political platform. The mention of legalizing hemp in Bender's speech cleverly satirizes political promises and brings attention to issues surrounding drug policy. As with many instances in Futurama, cannabis-related themes are lightheartedly integrated into the storyline, showcasing the show's ability to blend humor and social commentary seamlessly.

5 Hallucinations from the Space Whale — "Möbius Dick" S7, E21

Bender Hallucination in Futurama

In "Möbius Dick," the crew encounters a colossal space whale that induces vivid hallucinations in anyone who looks into its eye. The psychedelic-like experiences and surreal visuals caused by the space whale's influence add a mind-bending element to the storyline. This episode playfully delves into themes related to altered states of consciousness and surreal experiences, demonstrating Futurama's ability to explore such ideas in a whimsical and entertaining manner.


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